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The Montreux Goose Fantaisie.jpg
Zermatt Fantaisie.jpg
In the middle of neo pop ocean, 2023
Untouchable, oil on canvas, 90.9x72.7cm, 2023
Hidden treasure between us, oil on canvas, 24x18cm, 2023, Private collection
Flutter of new days, 45.5x53cm, oil on canvas, 2023, Private collection
With straight backs, boom!, oil on canvas, 2023, Private collection
To be alive, oil on canvas, 45.5x33.4cm, 2023


Namhae Fantaisie, 162.2x130.3cm, oil on canvas, 2022 .jpg
the inevitable, 45.5x37.9cm, oil on canvas, 2022
Meta Landscape- 001, 91.44x60.96cm, oil on canvas, 2022, Private collection
Mixology in last summer, 116.8x91cm , oil on canvas, 2022, Private collection
Dance in the memories soften the mountain, 116.7x116.7cm, oil on canvas, 2022
I remember the smell of wet purple, 34.8x27.3cm, oil on canvas, 2022
Teetering left and right, its blades were almost touching the ground, 27.3x45.5cm, oil on canvas, 2022
Accumulated in layers, and it circulates again, 46x106cm, oil on canvas, 2022
Dancing gravity, 33.4x45.5cm, oil on canvas, 2022


Life is like stalagmite fondue fountain, 60.6x60.6cm, oil on canvas, 2021
Summer beat the shore, 53x45.5cm, oil on canvas, 2021
A Place where the seaseons are meaningless, 106x46cm, Oil on canvas, 2021
The smoke between summer and autumn, 24x30cm, oil on canvas, 2021, Private collection


falling stars on my shoulder, 91.44x60.96cm, oil on canvas, 2021
Autumn colours here, you coloured my world,112.1x162.2cm, oil on canvas, 2020
Honey, a lovely place isn’t it, 53x45.5cm, Oil on Canvas, 2020
Entwined, 53x45.5cm, Oil on Canvas, 2020, Private collection
Walking together, 53x45.5cm, Oil on Canvas, 2020, Private collection
Back then,116.7x116.7 cm,Oil on Canvas, 2020


Dedicatory folding screen for the present age, Oil on Canvas, Stainless steel, Wood, 228x563.6cm, SHIFT Corporation, CEO: Masaru Tange Collection, JAPAN

2018 - 2015

Unknown Tropical Island,   112.1×162.2cm, Oil on Canvas, 2018
Wonder Canyon / Oil on Canvas / 130.3×324.4cm / 2016
Uncovered Universe, 130.3 ×162.2cm, Oil on Canvas, 2018
The Glacier Canyon, 209.1×162.2cm, Oil on Canvas, 2015
The Floating Ice, 130.3x130.3cm, oil on canvas, 2015
Young Artist Invitational Exhibition 'Artist's Forest'  Amway Art Museum, Bundang, Korea
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