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Born 1991 in Seoul, Korea, Jo graduated M.F.A course in Global Art Practice at Tokyo University of the Arts, after she received her B.F.A in Painting and B.A in Art History from Ewha Womans University in Seoul, Korea.

Jo creates an ideal space in her painting, based on natural areas where she has experienced a sense of relief. Due to her urban backgrounds and city life, she has felt a lot of anxieties and her anxieties have evolved into an eagerness to escape the city. Temporary journeys to nature have always brought her psychological relief and pleasure. Nature, however, offers no perfect utopias. Despite this absence of utopia, based on her emotional experience concerning the places, she creates a new space in canvas. Through her work, 'utopia' and 'ideal' could be interpreted as'non-existence' and 'perfection' both.

2022_0210 (12)
2022_0210 (13)
2022_0210 (2)
2022_0210 (10)
2022_0210 (3)
GSAF2021, ADM gallery
At Amway Art museum
조정은-Unknown Tropical Island
조정은-Uncovered Universe
1 Wonder canyon 크기줄인거
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